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WORKS – Wayne Occupational Readiness Keys for Success – Building a Better Workforce in Wayne County

WORKS  Wayne Community College website.

Are you Career Ready?
One of the goals of WORKS is to Increase Workforce Readiness in Wayne County.
Employers state that a major factor in the decision to come to Wayne County (or for that matter whether to stay here) is the quality of the workforce.
Wayne County needs a skilled workforce

  • that can keep up with employer demands
  • that can adapt quickly to the changing demands of the global workplace
  • that knows how to use information, how to think analytically, how to work in teams and how to use technology.

Wayne County’s most important asset is our human resources – that means YOU.

How can you prove that you have the skills necessary to be work-ready and career-ready?

The Career Readiness Certification helps to ensure a community workforce that is prepared for the jobs of the future, as well as for the jobs that sustain the current economic base.
NC’s Career Readiness Certification (CRC) is a recognizable skills credential that facilitates job placement, retention, and advancement. NC’s CRC is part of the National Career Readiness Certificate initiative.

CRC is based on WorkKeys. WorkKeys is a series of work-based assessments that can be used by any individual concerned about their own employability skills or by any employer concerned about the employability skills of the current or future workforce. The test results provide valuable information for individuals, employers, schools, colleges, state and local governments, and training programs.

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