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We are pleased to announce our latest initiative: ‘Speaker’s Bureau.’ We are seeking business professionals in the area to go into the classrooms and share their experiences with the students. Research has shown us that this age is a pivotal time when a student may lose focus; what a great opportunity for our children to get excited about the many career opportunities available.

Imagine our youth actively engaged in a conversation with a respected professional member of our community. Through the Wayne County Public Schools and the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce Wayne Education Network Speakers Bureau, youth throughout our community now have access to community professionals who have volunteered to share their knowledge and expertise with students in our schools.

At first glance, the WEN Speakers Bureau is a cadre of committed and articulate professionals able to make strong and effective presentations to the youth in our community. A deeper look reveals that it is a tool for building intergenerational bridges of understanding, respect, and trust.

Speakers provide real-life examples that can never be fully communicated through classroom lecture and discussion. Young people have the opportunity to gain information and insight from speakers in such areas as: career planning, educational options, community resources, organizational skills, job opportunities, and service learning opportunities.

To request a speaker, teachers can consult the speaker’s list and determine if a particular speaker might benefit the lesson plan outcomes. Then contact Janet Brock at the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce to receive contact information to determine availability dates and needs. If you are interested in joining the Speakers Bureau, please complete the attached application and return it to Janet Brock at the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce.

 WEN Speakers Bureau Volunteer Application

For more information contact:

Janet Brock
Wayne County Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 1107