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Now Accepting 2018 STEM Fair Student Exhibitor Registration Forms

The Wayne Education Network, the Wayne County Public Schools and Wayne Community College partnered in 2015 to create the first annual STEM Fair.  The annual event encourages students to create a project that is based in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math and is open to public, private and homeschool students.  It involves interactive demonstrations and significant dialogue between the students.

The goal is to help students to understand their own potential in the areas of STEM; to help them to build confidence and competence among their peers; and to foster a spirit of scientific inquiry.  The students will be given the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and to improve their research, speech and writing skills.

The STEM Fair allows students to apply the terms and principles they have learned in school to a real world application.  The students are encouraged to investigate their interests and apply them toward this hands-on learning project.

Each exhibiting student will be asked to:

  • Define the Project
  • Research the Project
  • Form a Hypothesis
  • Develop a Plan
  • Create the Project
  • Analyze the Results
  • Present the Project at the STEM Fair

All 7th grade students attending the STEM Fair are encouraged to visit each of the 90+ student and business exhibitors displays and ask questions.

All Wayne County schools, public, private, and parochial as well as other youth based clubs and organizations are invited to be exhibitors.  Wayne County Public Schools 7th grade students begin arriving at 8:30 am and will stay approximately 2 hours with the last group departing by 12:50 pm.

Event Date:  Thursday, March 8, 2018

Place:  The Maxwell Center

Contact Janet Brock at the Chamber of Commerce (919) 734-2241 with any questions.

For more information and to download the application. 2018 STEM Fair Student Exhibitor Registration Form